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Cat on Throne: Which of KJ's Cats Will Reign?

Apr 21, 2019

There are NINE CATS in KJ's Kingdom but only ONE will get the Throne!

Each cat been paired with a Game of Thrones character that closest resembles them. None of these fur babies are as savage, of course. Well, maybe a few are. 

Even if you're not watching the show, you can cheer on your favorite one of our fur babies & their cousins to be the cat that reigns supreme and wins a donation to their favorite shelter!


Ana is Daenerys

Paired with Daenerys because of her powerful nature and general belief that she should be queen, it's Amelia! 

If Amelia wins the Throne, Johnson County Community Cats wins a $100 donation in her name.


Paired with Tyrion because of his bravery and wise counsel that it often falls on deaf ears, it's Grayson!

If Grayson wins the Throne, FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinicwins a $100 donation in his name.


Paired with Jon Snow because he is a quiet guy who's found himself current king of his clan but isn't sure he wants it, this is Rhodey!

If Rhodey wins the Throne, Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana) wins a $100 donation in his name.


Paired with Sansa because of her sweet appearance but often sneaky ways, don't count either of these two out of the race! This is Melody! 

If Melody wins the Throne, IndyHumane wins a $100 donation in her name.


Paired with Cersei because of her sinister stare and desire to rule even it it means whacking those closest to her is Ana! 

If Ana wins the Throne, Circle City Kitties wins a $100 donation in her name.


Paired with the Night King because of her ice blue eyes and a demeanor that says "don't mess with me" this is Shiloh! 

If Shiloh wins the Throne, Heaven After Hell Rescue wins a $100 donation in her name.


Paired with Bran because of his intense stare, sometimes odd behavior and the similar fur look, this is Grady!

If Grady wins the Throne, Cats Haven​ wins a $100 donation in his name.


Paired with Arya because of determination and usually innocent appearance, she's small but she's ready to rule. This is Panchita!

If Panchita wins the Throne, Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care Services wins a $100 donation in her name.


Paired with Samwell because he has the heart of a lion and his similar sweet, confused expression, this is Leo!

If Leo wins the Throne, Animal Outreach of Shelby County wins a $100 donation in his name.