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Oct 18, 2022

ED QUINN from Tyler Perry's The Oval and Eureka Calls KJ! We talk his new music, why we miss the guitar solo and of course, what to expect as the new season of Tyler Perry's The Oval is back!

Check out Ed's new single here:

Ed Quinn just wrapped production on a music video for the new sludgy rock-punk single with director Chris Probst who has garnered over 40 billion views working with talent like Taylor Swift, Eminem, and 50 Cent to name a few.

The track’s brooding power ballads compliment Ed’s lyricism ironicizing the Hollywood façade he’s come so accustomed to. ‘Freak Show Cold’ will not be Quinn’s first delve into music as, before his acting career took off, Quinn studied with Joe Satriani and played in Los Angeles-based bands Mad Theory and Scattergood, which led to a recording contract in his early career. Since then, the guitarist and vocalist has continued to develop his passion for music and is excited to have the opportunity to re-enter the space with his all-new music video and album.

Thank you Ed for the positive vibes you brought to the KJ TODAY Show!